First stage – Berlin

My spa trip to California starts Saturday very early. A friend brings me at 4:30 h to the airport Cologne Bonn.

I start with Ryanair to Berlin. There I will be until 07.03. Stay with friends and then continue with Norwegian Airlines to London and continue to Oakland California.

The landing in Berlin Schönefeld, was pretty much the hardest landing I’ve ever seen.

After a wonderful breakfast with my friends, we drove in the direction of Berlin Friedrichstraße. Somehow I was very tired, yet, a nice prelude to my trip

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Last day of preparation

California – San Francisco – Oakland

Tomorrow it will start. For a long time I had planned it, now it becomes true.

Unfortunately, the last preparations are under stressful circumstances. Too much burden these days on my shoulders. This should not be the case. How ever, since I do not let myself be discouraged. I will spend three days in Berlin with friends. So I hope to come down slowly and to adjust to vacation.

As a photo equipment, I choose this time “only” a compact camera, but one that has it in itself. Most people think I’m crazy, but yes, the Fuji X70 has only a 28mm wide-angle lens. This means I will have to reduce myself. On the other hand, I also hope to get my head free. I will have to take on new perspectives, adapt my habitual views. This can be really fun, but I’m also aware of the risk of missed motives. Be that as it may, it will be a challenge I will be aware of.

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