Arrival in Amerika 

Oakland Airport 


It was great, my daughter and her friend picked me up, we immediately got a Sim card with a data volume of 10 GB and drove to his parents. There we took our lunch and planned the coming days. I was very tired now.

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Flight – London – Oakland 

The second plane today is beautiful. I had forgotten to take care of one place on the way, but I was really lucky, because I got one in both flights. Here I am surrounded by a cheerful crowd of Spaniards, who cheerfully and loudly, cross the plane.

I am surprised that despite the cheap flights, I am one of those privileged ones who seem to have a meal during the flight. Well, if it proves to be a blessing, I will still see. Probably where it was already not bad, that there was no more fish.

The trip is nice, we cross the big pond.

I love to fly, look out the window, feel how it is when the plane lays down on the side and slides slowly through the clouds. 

Flights will be 10:32 hrs. And the distance will be 8863 km

This is how the route looks like:

England – London – Birmingham – Liverpool – Isle of Man – Irland – Belfast – Greenland – Nuuk – Iqaluit – Hudson Bay – USA – Thompson – Rocky Mountains – Sacrsmento – Oakland bei San Francisco

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